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Frequently asked questions

  • What did you study in college?
    I qualified as a Sports Scientist from Technological University Dublin - Tallaght campus. The course includes modules such as Sports Coaching, nutrition, strength and conditioning and psychology.
  • What made you write a book?
    Childhood obesity is a ticking time-bomb in Irish society according to a recent study. And 89% of adolescents in Ireland have not mastered fundamental movement skills which they should have learned by the age of six. ​ The result is that a health catastrophe is waiting to happen and this in turn may lead to a significant increase in our healthcare budget. ​ "Fitness Fun for The Young" is an attempt to remedy that situation with chapters on diet, sleep and even suggestions for a wet day workout when kids can't play outside.
  • Do your classes only focus on one sport?
    No, we at the kids coach focus on coaching your child fundamental movements and a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball and our national sports Gaelic football and hurling which hold a very important place in our culture in Ireland. We emphasise the idea of participating in many sports as it is proven that specializing in only one sport as a child can lead to chronic injuries in the future. Another factor to consider is the likelihood of boredom as a result of sticking to the one sport.
  • Where do your classes take place and at what times?
    To find out about class times and locations, head to the contact page and fill in your details.
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